My involvement with the Internet dates back to 1994 with the formation of the World Wide Web Consortium and its first browser, Mosaic (yes, yes I know but please refrain from the Al Gore jokes!).

Anyway, I was around when the dot-com craze surged then fizzled, and through it all understood the Internet as a powerful communications and marketing tool but not the miracle drug that so many blindly bought into.

That is why as an Internet consultant I know why it’s essential customers find your site amidst the congestion of others and understand the importance of fundamental marketing principles leveraged with the power of today’s broadcasting technology. After all, a great looking website that cannot be found is a monumental waste of money.

At PizazzDesign.com every website is built utilizing fundamental SEO principles. Even when web consulting for small, local businesses, we make it our business to ensure that theirĀ  “business card” websites are created with basic search engine optimization precepts in mind. And, of course, higher budgets mean more SEO efforts including on- and off-page optimization, comprehensive keyword analysis, extensive back-linking strategies involving feeder sites and content clusters, social media leveraging, and more.

Go ahead and check out a sample of the websites I’ve created and contact me with any questions you may have.