Your Website’s Future May Depend on Whether It’s Mobile-Optimized

Posted by on Jul 4, 2013 in News

Your Website’s Future May Depend on Whether It’s Mobile-Optimized

According to search engine giant Google, your website will be penalized and may be omitted altogether in its mobile search directory if it is not mobile-optimized (i.e., a responsive design).

On June 11, 2013, Google released a post on its blog highlighting common mistakes found on mobile sites as well as a notice that they would be rolling out an update that penalizes sites performing poorly on mobile devices. The update would also mean a ranking boost for businesses that have invested in their mobile presence.

Why? Maybe because 91% of adults in the US now have mobile phones and more than 60% have smartphones. Research also predicts a greater than 80% smartphone adoption rate within the US by 2015 and that doesn’t even include the people who are wired for mobile via tablets, which the research says is currently 34% of Americans. According to Google:

“To improve the search experience for smartphone users and address their pain points, we plan to roll out several ranking changes in the near future that address sites that are misconfigured for smartphone users.”

Google’s Matt Cutts also said that site speed would be a leading ranking factor for mobile sites moving forward as well as other factors including faulty redirects, slow or unresponsive pages, incompatible videos for smartphone devices, etc.

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