Following are services that provides. If you do not see a particular service that you need, please ask. These are the core services that I provide and is not meant to be an exhaustive list. Also, it may be part of a broader service.

  • Consulting and Advisory Services
    Whatever your needs, let us act as your independent web consultant to discuss ideas, make recommendations, or oversee your specific web design projects. We are experienced in all aspects of design, development, and marketing of websites. Let us ask the questions you may not know to ask!
  • Website Design and Development
    Whether your organization is in need of your first web site or a web site redesign, a small organization or large, we can help. When you hire us, you get a partner who makes it our business to understand your business goals, one who will design a solution the specifically meets those goals.
  • Internet Marketing and SEO
    Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process designed to improve rankings on popular, commercially driven keywords. Much has been written about SEO best practices and there is no shortage of “quick fixes” a business can make for incremental gains in less competitive markets. Businesses in competitive markets who depend on increasing the quality of traffic to their website know that SEO is not a one-time, do-it-yourself activity.
  • Social Media Marketing
    When customers ask, “Should I be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?” or any one of the other social media sites that are popular today, our answer is always the same, “Are your customers on [social media site]? Are your competitors on [social media site]? The answers to those very simple questions begins to lay the groundwork for their Social Media Marketing plan.
  • Video Production & Editing
    If “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” then what’s a video worth? A trillion, maybe more? According to’s 2011 Online Video Statistics – February 2011 post, online video’s growth is explosive and note the interesting video viewing statistics they point out.
  • Website Hosting
    Choosing the right web host and hosting plan can be overwhelming, even for those who are technically inclined. With so many different types of web hosting plans, it can seem as if there is a never-ending list of plans to choose from. Nevertheless, there are a handful of factors you should consider when choosing a website host.