Social Media

When customers ask, “Should I be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn?” or any one of the other social media sites that are popular today, our answer is always the same, “Are your customers on [social media site]? Are your competitors on [social media site]? The answers to those very simple questions begins to lay the groundwork for their Social Media Marketing plan.

As simple as it may sound, effective Social Media Marketing is probably one of the most difficult forms of marketing. Sure, it’s easy to set-up accounts or profiles and converse with complete strangers now and then, but the real secret is to engage the right individuals, in a way that they will befriend you, follow you, trust you and eventually encourage their friends to do the same!

Social Media Marketing, done right, is a true strategy game where the power of the masses can play for you…or against you. At PizazzDesign, we follow a distinct methodology for every new project, to ensure your initiative “goes viral” in a good way…

  • Analyze the Networks
    We scan the networks to find the best ones for your niche market.
  • Set Goals/Benchmarks
    What do you want to achieve? What results do you expect?
  • Find Groups and Communities
    Within the social networks, we identify where your target audience is gathering, where your competitors lurk.
  • Develop and Rollout
    Do you have any content to share? If not, we can help you build it. Sharing interesting and useful content is key in capturing your users’ interest.
  • Identify the “Influencers” and cultivate “Ambassadors”
    Some people will be more active than others in your networks. Those individuals should be rewarded in order to turn them into “Ambassadors” for your brand. This is when real “word of mouth” starts!
  • Offer Giveaways/Develop Incentives
    This is essential to attract more people and boost “word of mouth” referrals for your business. Whether it’s an ebook, a t-shirt, a coupon or any kind of virtual gift, incentives are key to encourage others to talk about your brand to their friends.
  • Engage and Facilitate Conversations
    Start discussions by asking questions or launching polls, quizzes, or sweepstakes.
  • Measure and Analyze
    Review results and adapt the strategy based on what worked and what didn’t.

We can help you launch and manage a Successful Social Media Marketing strategy through these various proven techniques. Contact us now to see how we can help you.