Video Production and Editing

If “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” then what’s a video worth? A trillion, maybe more?

According to’s 2011 Online Video Statistics – February post, online video’s growth is explosive. Some interesting video viewing statistics they pointed out were:

  • Forbes released a white paper on “Video in the C-Suite” that found more than 75% of C-Suite Executives surveyed said they watch work-related online videos on business-related website at least weekly. 65% of C-suite Executives report visiting a vendor’s website after watching their online video.
  • comScore reports in it’s Digital Year in Review report that 179 million Americans watched online video each month during 2010 and that more then 88.6 million people watch online video on an average day in December 2010 (up 32%).
  • According to eMarketer the usage of online video among the 100 leading retailers increased by 18 percentage points between Q4 2009 and Q4 2010.
  • The Nielsen Company released data showing the number of mobile subscribers over the age of 13 watching online video on their mobile device in Q2 2010 earch 21.9 million (up 43%).

What are you doing about video? Find out more about our video marketing solutions including increasing traffic to your website with video, building backlinks and improving search engine rankings using video marketing, and investigating what video email may do for your business.

Video Software

We use Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere for video editing, Animoto for producing quick videos for backlinking purposes, and ScreenFlow and Camtasia for screen capture video presentations.

Video Email

Today, as we’re drowning in emails, text messages, voicemails, info overload, there is now an opportunity to utilize technology to communicate but more importantly to “connect” with customers. And those businesses that effectively “connect” will be the ones that thrive, especially given the challenges in this current economy.

Video email technology allows you to do just that. Now you can enhance customer communiques with a personal touch, reminding them that their relationship is important to you. The technology is easy, affordable, reinforces your brand and is easily inserted into your daily business practices. What are we talking about? Asked to see video email in action!