Website Design

Whether your organization is in need of your first web site or a web site redesign, a small organization or large, we can help. As our tagline says, we do more than pretty. We build distinctive websites that not only get looks, but more importantly, get results, the results our clients desire. When you hire us, you get a partner who makes it our business to understand your business goals, one who will design a solution the specifically meets those goals.

Custom Websites

Custom websites require that initial creative spark to get things going. Maybe you have a good idea or just some websites that you admire — we will work with you to develop your idea into a brand with a message. Understanding your likes and dislikes, we will create a website that achieves your goals while always considering the end user, usability, and the message effectiveness.

And for lucky businesses in specific industries and  limited geographic regions, they can take advantage of our special Snag-It SitesTM , which are custom-designed, mobile-optimized websites offered at a 50% discount to our regular sites. For more about our Snag-It SitesTM, click here.

Web Design

Whether you prefer elegant or edgy, we will make sure your website is uniquely your own with eye-catching design. Believing form and function goes hand-in-hand, we are mindful of your visitors and the importance of website usability to best showcase your business. We take the time and research necessary to give your visitors or customers the best possible experience and make navigating your website as easy and intuitive as possible.


Website technologies have evolved over the years which create engaging and well functioning websites without designing and developing from scratch. Many include free open source template-based solutions that we offer. For those on a tight budget, these solutions offer attractive design templates that save the costs of custom design and programming. We modify these templates for design and coding purposes to accomplish your goals.

Content Management Solutions

WordPress is our preferred solution as a content management platform. Once just blogging software, WordPress has evolved into a full-fledged content management solution, enabling clients to manage many aspects of their websites themselves.


For personal use or as a promotional tool for your website to help drive traffic, blogs are effective additions to a website or can be a standalone website themselves. Self-hosted or externally-hosted, WordPress is our preferred blog solution, but we have experience with others if needed.


Elements of animation can effectively draw attention to your website, highlighting certain messages and products. Whether it’s blends, slideshows, or full-fledged Flash animations, we can create animations that best fits  your requirements.

Domain name and hosting options

We provide all that you need to register domain names and as well as choosing the right web hosting options for your needs.

Make your website more effective. Contact us for help.